How to do Transition on Alight Motion?

Among a bunch of applications used for video editing, making animations, and working with graphics, Alight Motion has a different fanbase. Alight Motion is one of the best tools used by professionals and beginners – you can edit your videos using myriads of alluring effects, and streamline your desired animations. Meanwhile, if you are a beginner, you will surely not be able to use all its features that might better your user experience – so, here is how to do transition on alight motion; which is necessary to know to have an improved user experience.

By now, millions of people have downloaded this application on their smartphones and Pcs. But most of the users use the standard version of the application which poses restrictions upon using certain features in the application. So, it is best to opt for the option of downloading a modified version of Alight Motion and using all features for free. There will be neither a watermark on your videos nor ads to see while using the application.


What is Transition in Alight Motion?

Transition is a conventional term used by designers while editing videos – however, there is nothing to worry about if you aren’t aware of this word. Transition is a term used for using video effects between two or more video clips to make it better and more presentable.

The transition in Alight Motion massively improves the quality of the video, and you can successfully derive the attention of viewers.


How to do Transition on Alight Motion?

The whole process is quite simple and straightforward. Following is a step-by-step guide to know about how to do the transition in Alight Motion;

  1. Open the application and go to the option of ‘Add Media’ to add images. You may also tap into timeline and click on the + sign to add images.
  2. Having selected images, go to transition menu and edit all selected images one by one using your desired editing effects. Transition will be applied separately on all selected images.
  3. Review the images thoroughly, and check if there need any changings.
  4. Once you are satisfied about the pictures or videos, you are ready to export the final file. You can choose the format of file, and download it.


How to do Smooth Transitions on Alight Motion?

Smooth transition is among the most common and straightforward transition used in Alight Motion. Let’s have a quick review of how to apply smooth transition in alight motion;

  • Open the application in your smartphone, and tap into the + icon present in the bottom of the app. After selecting your desired ratio, click on ‘Create Project’.
  • Again, click on + icon to add your desired images on which you want to apply transition. Here you can also simply remove the background of your selected images.
  • Then select all images and videos separately, and apply transition on all of them
  • Add swing frequency in between 40 to 42, and also choose the curvature values
  • Click on ‘Save’ option, and preview what you have done
  • Implement changes if required
  • Your video is ready, and you can import it now



Alight Motion is one of the leading applications used by people all over the world to edit their videos and make animations. If you are a beginner, you may not be able to understand the transition in Alight Motion. However, the above-described procedure will help you understand and implement the whole procedure.