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King of Avalon: Dominion comprises a thrilling, interesting, and beautiful story which makes this game massively popular among gaming enthusiasts. In the game, your role over a small kingdom, and from this small kingdom, your quest for conquests starts. Download Mod APK and enjoy unlimited gold & money.
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Amid a lot of others’ King of Avalon Mod APK is one of the best strategy games based on the warfare dragon. In this skill-based strategy game, you are given the power of the king. In the game, your role over a small kingdom, and from this small kingdom, your quest for conquests starts. With the unlimited gold and money you receive, you are able to exercise different powers that can assist you in making better strategic plans to win the wars and rule over the expanded frontiers of your kingdom.

King of Avalon: Dominion mod apk duplicates the event from real life, such as the king with throne and sword. The game has been designed with a theme that belongs to the medieval age, which presents even alluring and realistic looks for players. King of Avalon: Dominion comprises a thrilling, interesting, and beautiful story which makes this game massively popular among gaming enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the game has great and easy gameplay with an interesting story that does not let you bored. Therefore, download king of Avalon cheats 2022 latest version and enjoy unlimited gold and money.

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King of Avalon Island has been killed in a masqueraded war planned by his cousin. Now, the body of the king rests on the sacred island with his mighty sword Excalibur. To be a king of Avalon, Excalibur must be resurrected to revive the crown and become the king of the kingdom. The entire kingdom has been divided into cities, and every city is under war. However, Excalibur is the only way to the throne of the king.

So, build your army, train it well and raise a dragon to defeat Excalibur in battle and become the king of the kingdom. You can make friends, chat and trade with them to defeat your enemy and acquire the throne. Build the most powerful and the best army of all times because war is about to begin!

App NameKing of Avalon Mod APK
DeveloperCentury Games Publishing
Requirement5.0 and Up
Updated2 Days Ago

Gameplay King of Avalon: Dominion

King of Avalon Mod apk offers exciting gameplay that allows you to have a realistic fighting experience in PvP battles. In the game, you are responsible for building your homeland on a given island. Later on, here you have to arrange an army and train them along with raising your dragon, having developed the city, hunt for the food to remain alive.

Having trained the army, It is time to confront even powerful and bigger armies, defeat them one by one, and move forward to become the king of the kingdom. This is how fighting and defeating your enemies, you can expand the frontiers of your kingdom.

On the other hand, you can also make good friends in the game and trade with them for the betterment of your kingdom. Above all, the king of Avalon Mod allows you to have a real-life experience of making new relationships. Being an online game, you can stay connected with your friends across the world and play the game.

King of Avalon Dragon

Features of King of Avalon Mod APK

Of course, you will be desperately waiting for the king of Avalon cheats that work, right? Following are the features of the Modded king of Avalon Apk:

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1. Unlimited Gold

Gold is one of the kings of Avalon stronghold requirements for succeeding battles against your enemies. Typically, daily rewards and event rewards are used to attain the gold in the king of Avalon. However, on the market, there are massive resources of gold from where you can buy it spending the actual money. The obtained gold will unlock a number of opportunities in the form of different kinds of stuff that will help you succeed over your enemies.

But we facilitate you with the free mod of king of Avalon, from where you can enjoy all these features without spending your money. This is the answer to your question about how to gain power faster in King of Avalon.


2. Unlimited Money and Resources (Food/Iron/Silver)

King of Avalon stronghold requirements also includes food/iron/silver and wood. These resources are also essential to acquire in the game. These resources are important for the troops, as these resources play an important role in their nourishment. In short, the more troops you want to include in your army, the greater will be the requirement of food/silver/iron, and wood. Keep feeding your troops to improve the condition of your cities and your defense system.

However, it is not about wood or food only, but also iron. Even without using the iron mine, you can still have a huge resource of iron. Similar to this, you also need silver to come up with the requirements of your troops, and it is attained from a silver mine. However, it can still be gotten with the Modded Avalon for free. So, reduce the production time to gain the silver and iron with the mod kingdom of Avalon game.

King of Avalon Hunt for Survival

3. Activate the Skills of Dragon

Dragon is a leading factor that creates a major difference between you and your enemies. With a dragon, it becomes quite convenient for you to grow your kingdom quickly. To have maximum out of the dragon, it is inevitable to get them established properly.

Therefore, to improve the rank of your dragon, do train it using the king of Avalon. There are four major skills; defense, attack, monster, and gathering. For each of the four kinds, there are eight sub-skills. This is how you can unlock the dragon skills slot.

King of Avalon Free Dragon

4. Unlimited Dragon Experience

In the game, the dragon must adopt upgradation to acquire newer dragon skills and fill the skill slots. With Modded king of Avalon Apk, you can reach the highest level of a dragon that requires 961 million points of dragon experience. Use King of Avalon Mod Apk to enjoy the premium features of the game. Some sub-features are below:

  • Dragons; best weapons against your enemies
  • Each city is under war
  • Chat, trade and make relations to defeat your enemies
  • MOD unlocked
  • Unlimited gold/silver/food/money and Iron
  • Lay the foundations of your kingdom
  • Craft your war strategy and win against your enemies

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How to Download King of Avalon Mod APK?

If you want to enjoy the premium features of King of Avalon strategy, it is the best to download king of mod Apk to use premium features for free.

  • Click on the button of download, and wait until it completes
  • Once the file is downloaded, install downloaded Apk file without using WIFI/internet/data connection.
  • Open the file and agree terms and conditions
  • Now, open the mod apk king of Avalon and enjoy the game



King of Avalon: Dominion mod Apk is one of the best strategy-based games that includes war for the attainment of the throne of the deceased king. To be at the top in the game, you need certain resources like gold, silver, iron, wood, food, and unlimited experience points for dragons; all these resources are easily available in the King of Avalon mod apk. So, download King of Avalon now, and enjoy it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is King of Avalon an Offline Game?

No, King of Avalon is not an offline game. It is an online game in which you can play game with your friends.

Q2. How to Get Unlimited Money in King of Avalon: Dominion MOD APK?

If you want to have unlimited money in king of Avalon, download the King of Avalon Mod Apk now, and use all the premium features for free.