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Multiplayers games have been seen trending for the last few years, and the reason is that it offers a convenient way of interaction for all participants of the game. By now, you might have experienced different multiplayer games with an activated interaction option, but still, Super Sus Mod APK offers something exceptional which is missing in other games. So, get yourself immersed in the game where the fate of your crew will be decided through interaction. Find imposters among the members of your team, and give them exemplary punishment.

The game Super Sus – Who is Imposter is a game that allows you to make a group of online players, and go on certain missions. All decisions in the crew are the result of concerted opinions – the story doesn’t end here; instead, you have to find an imposter in your group who is causing problems for all other team members. One or more than one member can be an imposter at one time, and it will not be easy to find the culprit. Download the super sus mod apk new version, and enjoy all premium unlocked features.

App NameSuper Sus Mod APK
Size140 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlocked All Skins, Roles, Donuts
Requirement5.0 and Up
Updated1 Day Ago

The Story of the Game

The story of the game revolves around finding an imposter in your group. While playing the game in individual mode, there will be 10 more members in your crew; in some modes, the number of participants might be more than 20. However, whatever mode you choose, the interaction between the crew members will be the most prominent feature. You along with your crew members embark on a spaceship, and all of you are responsible to avoid the destruction of a spaceship under any circumstances.

Before the game starts, you can choose your character; you can either be part of the crew and search for imposters with other members, or you can be an imposter on your own. There might be more than one imposter in the game at one time. S3 Special Force is now ready to take the control of the spaceship – be part of the crew, and get through the most realistic search operation to find out the imposter from your group.


Gameplay Super Sus

There is nothing complex in the game to understand. You are part of the crew on a spaceship that is traveling through hard passages and facing a lot of threats of invasions. In the meantime, there erupts another danger from the disloyalty of an imposter who is a member of your group. Now, the safety of all crew members is at stake, and you are all responsible for protecting both the spaceship and your lives. So, discuss everything with each other, and find the imposter as soon as possible. Make sure that you make all decisions through consent.

At the same time, the game offers massive convenience to players providing them with intuitive, straightforward, and simple controls. There is nothing intricate when it comes to understanding the controls of the game- explore all available options and keep interacting with your crew members. At the start, the gameplay might be a little hard to adapt, but once you have good practice of the game, you can get through all parts of the game easily.

Super Sus Gameplay


Super Sus Mod APK Latest Version Features

There is a regular version of the game which is openly available on different platforms for free – but it does not let you use all features of the game unless you make in-app purchases. So, download Super Sus Mod APK Imposter now, and use all paid features of the game for free. The followings are some important features of the game;


1. Unique Multiplayer Game

This is a unique multiplayer game like Mafia City that facilitates players from all over the world to connect with each other and enjoy the game together. Be the master of a specific skill, and then find other participants of the game who are masters at some other skills. This is how you can make the best crew and protect your spaceship. Meanwhile, catch imposters in your group, and bring them to accountability – they are a threat to the lives of all crew members.


2. Eliminate Imposters

You are already facing threats to your spaceship, and now, a disloyal member of your crew has further added to the tension. Other than threats to the spaceship, now the lives of all crew members are also in danger due to the imposter in your group. Set all chores aside, and find that disloyal member as soon as possible. There might be one or more imposters in your crew. Enjoy the latest connotations in prep-existing modes of the game.

Super Sus Impostor


3. Voice Chatting

The game isn’t only famous for its unique storyline, gameplay, and multiplayer gaming quality; instead, the factor of interaction between the players has been one of the most alluring ones. Other than discussing the matters of security of the ship, you have a task to eliminate the disloyal member, and this is only possible when you interact with each other abandoning all communicational gaps. So, there is an option of voice chatting that lets you communicate with other team members without any hindrance.


4. Multiple Gaming Modes

The game Super Sus Mod APK Menu is not something limited in its scope, rather it comes with a bundle of diverse modes that intend to improve the gaming experience for players. For example, there is a lite mode in the game that consists of two board functions; imposters and crew members. Other than that, you can explore engineer mode, doctor mode, spy mode, trophy mode, and many others in daily missions and tasks.

Super Sus Role


5. Unlimited Money

If you are playing the game with the standard version of the game, you will certainly face the problem of in-app purchases, and you will not be able to use many features unless you go for in-app purchases. So, download Super Sus Mod APK Unlimited Money 2022 along with all unlocked features. You are free to use all available resources, and make free shopping in the game.

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6. Make New Friends

While playing the game, you have an opportunity of making friends from all over the world. Interaction between crew members might make someone your friend, and later on, you can play with each other on the same crew.

Super Sus Victory


Additional Mod Features

Followings are some more mod features of the game:

  • Unlocked everything
  • Mod menu
  • Unlimited Cookies
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Unlimited Donuts
  • Unlock all skins
  • Unlock all roles


How to Download and Install Super Sus Mod APK 2022?

If you want to download Super Sus Mod APK Android or iOS, delete the older version of the game from your smartphone, and follow the given instructions;

  • Go to the Security, click on setting and enable the option of Unknown Sources
  • Click on the download on the top, it will start downloading
  • Let the download complete first, then install it in your smartphone
  • Agree with terms and conditions of the game
  • Play the safe and free Super Sus – Who is imposter

To download this game for your Pc, you need NOX Player or Bluestacks – if you do not have these, you will not be able to download and install the game in your Pc.



Super Sus is a masterpiece that allows you to interact with your teammates in the game, and proceed with concerted efforts. Find the imposter in your team, and win exciting challenges. We have described all features of the game in detail, now it is the time to download Super Sus Mod APK 2022, and use all premium features of the game without making any in-app purchase.